• Daniel Fish

Update: Your Music Industry Podcast

Hello all, I wanted to write a little bit of an update regarding how everything is structured online which coincides with the re-launch of Your Music Industry Podcast.

Sometimes, the initiatives you build grow beyond your initial idea and structure which is both beautiful and scary (duality!). Today, this is part of the story. Your Music Industry Podcast has been a big part of my development as a creator and now I'm pushing beyond this to offer more value to you beyond just a 'podcast'. All content is now situated under the re-brand of 'Daniel Fish', which is of course a personal brand. This is to accommodate different aspects of content including video, writing and new initiatives such as StudioArt.

YourMusicIndustry.com will still be live and active as you know it as a podcast, but the main resource will be on this site www.Daniel.Fish. This includes all social media channels including Instagram and Facebook changing from 'Your Music Industry Podcast' (@YourMusicIndustry) to 'Daniel Fish' (@MrDanielFish).

Here's to adding more value to your artistic endeavours and helping you survive and thrive in music. Please contact me if there's anything else I can help you with! - Daniel