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The First Steps to Wellness in Dance Music, Work/Life Balance & Philosophy with Eline Van Audenaerde

Eline Van Audenaerde is the founder of The Unicorn Mothership and The Electronic Music Wellness Summit. In today’s podcast, we explore wellness in the electronic music industry and Eline shares her actionable advice and empowering insight as a coach into how you, whether an artist or industry professional can take the first steps to wellness. During the podcast, she also introduces us to the ‘PAVA Framework’ which to me, breaks down personal development and growth into 4 foundational pillars which can be empowering to look further into.

In the podcast we also cover some nuggets on Eastern Philosophy, Work/Life Balance, Creative Block and The Electronic Music Wellness Summit. Do you think wellness and creative block are interconnected? Tuned in to find out.

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Show Notes & Highlights:

[0:00] We gain some perspective on Eline’s story and how she surpassed her suffering in her early years 

[11:18] Eline breaks down her thoughts on how dangerous a hedonistic lifestyle can be for your wellbeing in music.

[13:08] What are the first steps to wellness in the electronic music industry? Eline enlightens us to them including the biggest struggles she’s experienced as a holistic coach.

[17:21] What are some questions or practises that you can use to ground yourself and build the awareness Eline talks about?

[22:04] Eline introduces us to her love of Eastern Philosophy with a focus on Taoism

[25:42] We start to break down the PAVA (Perception, Acceptance, Vision & Action) model that Eline uses which are the 4 pillars of wellness and growth as a person as well as an artist or industry professional.

[28:40] We take the perception of trying to get signed to Defected Records in context of the PAVA model. If you are struggled getting signed, what’s the perception to take and how to approach this situation?

[35:10] @MattFCooper on Instagram asked how can artists keep their home and work life separate when their studios are based at home? Eline enlightens us to how she manages that and how you can do to.

[39:02] Are wellness and creative block interconnected? Eline breaks down why and how to get past creative block.

[43:32] Eline offers some advice to some frameworks and practises that you can use moving forward to aid in your own wellbeing, beyond just meditation.

[46:27] We are introduced to ’The Electronic Music Wellness Summit’ hosted by Eline and The Unicorn Mothership.

[50:10] What change would Eline like to see in the music industry in the next 3-5 years?

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