• Daniel Fish

Affiliate Marketing in Music Production

As music makers, we seem to LOVE to talk about tech - the tools we spend hours behind crafting our own art and music. When Black Friday arrives though, we can always guarantee some incredible deals knocking around - and some on your favourite music production tools.

On Black Friday though, we find ourselves at an opportunity. If we are already sharing the deals of the tools that we love, shouldn't we get something in return; whether cash or even store credit? That's where Affiliate Marketing comes into it and you can set yourself up to be rewarded for sharing the tools, plugins, pieces of hardware you love!

As referenced in the video, find a list below of links to all the different affiliate partnerships mentioned within the video as well as a few others!

Plugin/Software Affiliate Partnerships:

Plugin Boutique

Waves Audio

Sample Tools Affiliate Partnerships:


Loopmasters (+ Loopcloud)

Prime Loops

Hardware Affiliate Partnerships:



Guitar Centre




Education Affiliate Partnerships:

Make Your Transition (Make Better Dance Music)



I hope this helps!